Residency Interview B

A while ago, I went to my second residency inteview.

Why I Applied
Residency Program B is a program at a private hospital at a medical school and university. I applied to it because it’s pretty well known and in the general area where I grew up. It’s also at a medical school with a large university hospital, which means it’s more academic than programs that are based only in a hospital.

The things I really liked about the program were its location, and how much the residents seemed to like being there. There were quite a few of them who had gone to the medical school and stayed on to become surgery residents there. To be honest, I think that’s one of the best indications of a program — these are people who know the truly bad parts, and they still want to stay.

I’m a little bit concerned, though, because the majority of the residency graduates end up in private or community practice, and at this point in my life, I’m not so sure I want to do that. It’s possible that the reason I think I want to stay in academia is that it’s all that I’ve known. It means that I have to keep more options open when I’m evaluating programs.

Secondary Concerns
The city and the area around the hospital are… way out there. The residents kept saying that they’re an hour from Big City, but I cannot be fooled! We’re talking at least an hour and 20 minutes, without traffic, to the east side of this Big City. Uh, add traffic and possibly needing to get to the west side, and I’m pretty sure that’s like a 3-4 hour drive. Haha. Lies!

The People
The people are are my people! It was so easy to talk to them, and we definitely were on the same wavelength. Unlike the residents at Residency Program A, I didn’t feel like I had to stretch to make conversation. That was nice.

Summary & Rank
I think this program is not as academic as other programs where I will be interviewing, but certainly is academic enough for my purposes. The people seem great. I think I would legitimately be happy here, and end up getting a great education. It’s not as flashy as other programs, but then again, I’m not very flashy, either. I’ll probably rank it higher than Residency Program A, at least.


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