The future looks… cloudy. With a chance of meatballs.

Claire has accused me of spending approximately 95% of my time since I’ve been on vacation, talking about Twilight. This is a patent lie, since I have clearly spent at least 30% of my time talking about David Cook, making people listen to David Cook, or singing David Cook songs in my newly allergies-induced sore throat-induced hoarse voice. When I’m not hacking up phlegm or blowing snot out of my nose, it’s quite becoming. You’ll just have to take my word for it, I guess.

Anyhoodle, today’s work involved so little Twilight or David Cook that it was appalling. I spent the day filling out dumb forms that we need in preparation for 4th year of med school. We received these forms earlier in December, during one of the few class-wide meetings that everyone is expected to attend. Mostly, the meeting sent me into a panic, because I had only asked, but not yet received, one letter of recommendation from my Internal Medicine rotation. I hadn’t even asked Dr. D from my Psychiatry rotation (maybe I was waiting to see my grade before I asked). This meant that when the Dean told us we should get at least 3 letters of recommendation in our files, I had… none. Cue the panic.

Fortunately, we then had exams and then I had to move and then I came home for break (and promptly picked up Twilight and did not emerge from my reading chair for two days), so I kind of forgot to panic. Today, though, I opened up the big scary manila envelope containing all the forms, and started filling them out. One of the forms is a “ballot” (their word, not mine) for academic advisors in your intended field. The form had three blank spots for possible fields, and three blank spots for preferred advisors. I filled in the three spots, and then added my own fourth line for possible fields. I KNOW. I’m just all over the place, and I don’t know what I’m doing. Anyway, the four specialties I filled in were radiology, surgery, ob/gyn, and pathology. I guess that now constitutes my Short List for Residency Possibilities. For this week, at least. My potential advisors included two professors who’d taught us, one I’d seen in action at the hospital, and some guy I’ve never even heard of. This can’t turn out worse than academic advising in college, though: in college, I bounced from advisor to advisor for 4 consecutive semesters until I put my foot down and started signing up at the department head’s office even though I wasn’t his advisee.

I’m also supposed to fill out a four-page “worksheet” providing my pertinent background information to the Deans. My favorite question on the first page is, “List your current hobbies and non-medical interests.” It’s interesting, the responses that this question evokes. My friend Adam’s reaction: “Who has time for hobbies? They pretend like when they were in med school they had all this free time. AND when they were in med school there was a lot less to know! Med school kinda blows.” (Do you now see the inherent danger in asking your local medical student how med school’s going? You risk getting this long, kind of angry, defeated rant that basically ends with, “med school sucks.” So, don’t ask, so that we don’t have to lie, okay? My favorite evasive response lately has been, “Well, it’s too late to quit now.” Wow, we are such downers.) My reaction: “As of now, my interests include cleaning my apartment so it’s not a dump, except that’s not a real hobby, because real hobbies are what you do after you’re done doing what needs to get done. Oooohhhh, what if I put down Twilight?!?!” Look, the question did specify “current” hobbies — Twilight is certainly the most current thing I’m into, unless you count eagerly anticipating the day David Cook songs are available on Rock Band, which I’m also currently doing.

Page 4 of the worksheet asks about college education, which sent me into peals of laughter, because I barely remember the things I did last week, much less up to eight(!) years ago. I’m so old.


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